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We have re-imagined the conventional conference, creating a digital-first festival to help marketers, ecommerce and digital leaders in retail across the globe learn from their peers, engage with the wider community and contribute across a 3 day, time zone busting, global agenda:

Session Themes

Unlocking the Value of First Party Customer Data

Master the art of persuasion by building a strategy that ensures value exchange for the customer. Apple’s IDFA will soon be blocked on iOS 14, and Safari and Firefox already block third-party cookies. Google will eliminate them by 2022. Leveraging first party customer data to activate personalized marketing is now more important than ever. Learn from industry experts and leading brands on how they are structuring, capturing, and activating this customer data to drive tangible business results.

From Email to Real-Time Customer Engagement

Effectively using consumer insights is the foundation for delivering predictable and profitable outcomes. Accelerated digital interactions and customer engagements mean brands have captured more data and now need to use these insights to stay contextually relevant in real time across all touchpoints. Learn how leading brands use consumer insights to optimize budget prioritization, reduce acquisition costs, and drive predictable, profitable growth.

Cross-Channel Marketing & Personalization

In the new world of digital-first retail, customers have more product and service choices and they move more quickly across all channels and devices. Staying relevant to a customer means delivering personalized marketing in real time across any touchpoint. Marketers need to improve speed to market with campaigns and offers that are contextually relevant. Learn how leading brands drive growth and customer lifetime value by delivering personalized experiences at scale.

Customer Loyalty & Retention

Customer loyalty programs go beyond points and prizes – loyalty is a brand’s unique value proposition, creating a purpose for a customer to return, and offers value exchange for their opt-in. Redefine how loyalty programs can be used to create competitive customer experiences that reduce discount levels, reduce customer acquisition costs, and increase lifetime value. Learn how leading brands are transforming their loyalty programs to deliver profitable growth.

Omnichannel Commerce & Customer Experience

Even with e-commerce at peak growth, most of global retail sales still happen in physical stores. However, the role of the store is changing, and mobile is now central to a customer’s purchase journey. This new landscape requires digital marketing strategies that can drive success across all commerce channels by delivering personalized experiences anywhere a customer chooses to engage with a brand – online, in store, mobile, and call center. Learn how leading brands measure, optimize, and guarantee digital investments ROI and drive growth in all commerce channels.

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